Proactive and Predictive Safety Management. Today.

Why Choose Aviyen ?
Simplify Incident Reporting
Report and categorize hazards / incidents using a simple interface, and Aviyen automatically updates all concerned stakeholders in real-time.

Manage Risks and Controls Better
Proactively analyse potential risks, assess root causes of incidents and implement controls.

Review and Iterate Effortlessly
Adjust and improve your processes with timely reviews, and evaluate results with easy-to-use interactive reports.

Scale Up At Home and Abroad
Expand your business with seamless, fast and flexible cloud platform integration with Aviyen.

The New Standard

Cinque Terre

Best in Risk Management

Brought to you by Aviyen, the emerging service provider in the field of Risk Management
Cinque Terre

Global Safety Practices

Aviyen Safety Management System strives to outperform Global Standards on Safety
Cinque Terre

Prompt Customer Service

Solve Problems faster with an
Integrated help desk and public
knowledge base

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